Friday, 30 September 2011

Bankura Landscape

Bankura Landscape
© Shubhankar Adhikari 
watercolour on paper

New watercolour artwork created by me after my  trip to Bankura & Bishnupur.Beautiful people,nice landscapes,rich architecture,music,dense forest, nice hills,rivers. The ancient capital of Mallabhum, Bishnupur,is a repository of some excellent terracotta temples,perhaps the most brilliant and detailed work in Eastern India.Bishnupur is also famous for its distinct style of music,the Bishnupur Gharana or School of Music.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

In Search

© Shubhankar Adhikari 
watercolour and pen on handmade paper 
size - 11' x 15'

Here my main concern is to create a sensation of illusion between focal point and the background of my composition. I have applied wet-in-wet method in some portion of this painting. I have also used some negative spaces in the foreground . The unpredictable nature of the watercolour medium always evokes me to portray my own view of my subject.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion
Oil pastel & Watercolour on handmade paper
Size - 11' x 15'
© Shubhankar Adhikari

This is one of my mixed-media painting I have made on the ancient  buildings still exist in Bengal. The place is near Murshidabad. When I visited Murshidabad first time,I was speechless to see all the beautiful historical structures .Last time when  I visited Murshidabad I saw this beautiful old structure beside a road. It seemed  to say something about its historical past. I made an instant sketch. Afterwards I transformed the sketch into a painting in my studio. 

Friday, 9 September 2011


Watercolour and ink on handmade paper
Size -8' x 11'
© Shubhankar Adhikari

Sitar is a world famous Indian classical musical instrument today.The  construction of  a high quality sitar is a very complex process. As a sitar artiste I have a deep love for this beautiful instrument. This painting is an semi-abstract watercolour portrait of a sitar done by me last july this year. Sitar is a multi-string plucked instrument. Metal strings run across two bridges made of bone.The frets are movable by chords.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Red Swing

"Red Swing"
Abstract watercolour painting
size -11' x 16'
copyright - shubhankar adhikari

When I was returning from Digha last year ,I found some beautiful roadside trees . Nature was beautiful there.I drew a mental sketch and then transformed it into an abstract watercolour painting. I hope you all will like this. 


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