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10 tips to care your painting brushes  properly

Like many artists I have a special emotional bond with my brushes.I love them all for their individual shape,balance,degree of spring,weight etc. As we know tools are very important for developing and maintaining our work and style, so we should  give much more emphasis on caring our precious brushes . Here in this blog post I am sharing some  painting brush caring tips which I have experienced through my artistic journey 
Don't allow your paint to dry out on your paint brushes. 

1. As soon as your work is over you should clean your brushes properly. Don't procrastinate  in this regard.

2. Never keep your brushes vertically in water or solvent.

3. Always purchase best quality brushes if affordable.

4. While painting  use porcelain brush holder or other brush holders  to prevent your brushes from damage.

5. Never ever rest your brushes bristle down , it can prove fatal .

6. You can use your crusty and frayed brushes for alternative purposes ,so don't throw them away.

7. Always reshape your brushes immediately after cleaning. This exercise will keep your brushes in order to perform their highest potential.

8. Don't pull on the bristle while cleaning the brushes.

9. Never allow the pigment to come on the ferrule while painting.

10. Always use best quality brush storage system like holders ,zip up case,folding wallets,wooden or metal cases to prevent your precious brushes from damaging.

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