Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Clock Tower, Chandannagar, West Bengal, India, --------- Watercolour painting

© Shubhankar Adhikari (Artist)
Watercolour painting on paper

This is my recent painting on Chandannagar. I have used watercolour and pen in this painting. First I made the initial sketch with pen and then applied the watercolour paints. 

Chandannagar is a beautiful historical town situated beside the river Ganga in Hooghly district , West Bengal.Chandannagar was established as a French colony in 1673. It became a permanent French settlement in 1688. French left Chandannagar permanantly in the year 1950.A beautiful  destination along with the riverside studded with lights surrounded by lush green trees.  Many buildings of historical importance surround the place. It is very popular visiting place in India . Artists would love to paint  along enjoying the soft breeze and watching the small boats sailing by. The place is so peaceful and green that every creative person will definitely get some inspirations from here. Chandannagar strand is a perfect place for plein-air painting.

Chandannagore Museum and Institute (Institut de Chandernagor) ,The Chandannagore Strand, Sacred Heart Church of Chandannagar,The Underground House  (Patal-Bari) ,Ancient temple -Nandadulal Temple,Residences of famous personalities,Nritya Gopal Smriti Mandir, KMDA Picnic and amusement park are the major attractions here.

Famous Jagaddhatri Puja is the major socio-cultural event in this region.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mahishadal, Rajbari (Palace),Purba Medinipur,West Bengal - Watercolor sketch

© Shubhankar Adhikari (Artist )
watercolor sketch on paper

Mahishadal Rajbari is one of the finest tourist place in West Bengal. Here we can see the long line of palm trees,large ponds,famous temples and monuments. Very peaceful place.Perfect place for open air painting.
Mahishadal is famous historical place situated in Haldia subdivision of Purba Medinipur district in West Bengal.It is three and half hours drive from Kolkata. An excellent weekend getaway for the artists,musicians,composers,nature-lovers,photographers and tourists.I visited this beautiful Raj Bari(Palace) in the year 2010. I have sketched here only a part of this famous Raj Bari.


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