Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Kolkata Cityscape" - River Ganges

© Shubhankar Adhikari
"Calcutta Cityscape - Riverside view"
watercolor on paper (11" x 7.5")

 The beauty of the river Ganges in Kolkata has  always inspired me a lot. I  like to sit for hours for the open air painting beside the riverside. The environment is calm,cool and green here, perfect for doing sketching and painting works. The Calcutta port is nearby so we can watch many kinds of ships here.............very inspiring


  1. Beautiful composition, love how you 'crowned' the ships with the leaves!

  2. I love your compositions and the way you have 'crowned' the ships with the leaves! It reminded me of Kolkata Cathedral's photograph which I took in December 1973. The leaves are certainly very artistic and attractive. I also love the paintings on Darjeeling. We shall be visiting Darjeeling at the end of this month, so it would be more familiar to us when we get there - simply wonderful.

    I would like to see some paintings on Shantiniketan when you have some time. I think they will be brilliant through your brushes. We will be visiting Shantiniketan next month and if you require some pics, please do let me know and you could paint from the actual photographs and you will be able to see Shantiniketan through Didi's lens. I saw some bougainvillaeas in Shantiniketan which will be simply fabulous if you paint it.

    I saw your painting just after the rain. Would you be able to do a painting when it is raining? I could then use it for the video clip on raga Mian Ki Malhar or Megh. If you like my idea, pls paint one when it is raining as Van Gough has done. I love your colour theme very much. They are modern yet very attractive and soothing for our eyes.

    I also love the Mayurpankhi Ghat painting @ Chinsurah in Hooghly by river Ganges. Absolutely brilliant.

    I love your painting and your sitar music. If you can send me your sitar tracks via MP3s, we will try to feature them in Feb/March 14. If you can send it now, we will try to programme it for 16th or 23rd Feb 2014. Pls ensure that the duration is between 7 to 10/12 minutes. If you listen to our last night's broadcast via podcast, you will know what to do.

    May Almighty Lord shower His blessings upon you and fulfil all your dreams.


    Maitreyee di

  3. Thanks for your nice appreciation on my art and music. Glad to know that you became nostalgic viewing my painting " Kolkata cityscape - Riverside view". Also happy to know that you have liked my paintings on Darjeeling, West Bengal. Keep visiting again and shower some nice appreciations on my other blogposts.



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