Friday, 20 March 2015

An artful tour to Dhamakhali ( Sundarban area)

Dhamakhali Ferry Ghat

Landscape near Dhamakhali

Recently visited Dhamakhali to get some fresh creative inspiration from nature. It was a cool winter day. The day was partly cloudy. Our bus took 4 hours to reach Dhamakhali from Kolkata. I took a few Sandwiches and sweets in the lunch box to relish them in the actual spot. Cool breeze was flowing then . The place was  awesome. Dhamakhali is situated at the confluence. Two or three hotels are available for night staying. I returned Kolkata on that day.  I had made some speed sketches sitting beside the ferry ghat. I also captured various moments in my camera while roaming beside the riverside. I will share more images in future .

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